Why Should God Answer Our Prayers?

January 6, 2010

I found this exposition of the conclusion of the Lord’s Prayer, by Thomas Harrison,to be pithy and powerful.  I hope you find it to be so also.  (I have edited it somewhat to bring it into conformity with modern English usage.  Words in brackets [ ] I have added for clarity’s sake.)

Christ gives the fact, that the kingdom belongs to God, as a reason to encourage us that God will hear and answer our prayers.  [When he taught us to pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come,’ He was teaching us to pray:]  ‘Your concern as a King is to have your honor advanced, therefore hallow your one name, glorify it in the church, let your kingdom come to it, advance your will in it, sustain us your subjects, pardon our sins, keep and defend us from evils.  So [too,] ‘Thine is the power,’ by which you are able to exalt your own name, extend your kingdom over all, to fit us to do your will, to minister to our necessities, to pardon our sins, to preserve us from all evils. [Lastly,]  ‘And thine is the glory,’  the hallowing of your name is the chief part of your glory; your kingdom the prime place of your glory; herein you are glorified, when we obey your will, when you provide for your people, forgive their sins, preserve and deliver them from their enemies; therefore do all these things for us.  Therefore, we trust and hope that You will do all these things for us.  Thus our blessed Savior directs us and thus the blessed saints have practiced in all ages.’

This is taken from his treatise, “Topica Sacra:  Spiritual Logick:  Some Brief Hints to Faith, Meditation and Prayer, Comfort and Holiness.  Harrison was pastor of Christ Church, Dublin, Ireland.  It was published in 1658


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