“Should We Pour Out Our Bitterness to God in Prayer?” – Resources for a woman despondent about unanswered prayer, pt. 2

June 3, 2010

My friend also asked me if he should encourage her to pour out her frustration, doubts and bitterness to God in prayer.  This is what I counseled him.  Would you agree or would you advise him differently?  I’d appreciate any thoughts you have on this matter.

As for “honestly” pouring out her bitterness towards God in prayer, I would not counsel this.  I don’t think God will strike her dead for it, especially if she is of his elect and Christ has died for all her sins, but we should not encourage irreverence as a means to spiritual growth. I realize that the Psalmist pours out his doubt and pain, but he almost always ends with seeing himself as a fool and praising God for his goodness.  You could put together a Bible study of such passages to give to her.  I would recommend Jerry Bridges’ “The Joy of Fearing God” as an antidote to irreverence and an encouragement to trust in God’s goodness.

Caveat Lector!


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