The Father Loves His Son (Mark 1:7-11)
When the Herald Comes, Can the King Be Far Behind? (Mark 1:1-8)
Terrific News About Jesus (Mark 1:1)


Foundations of Forgiveness (Genesis 50:19-21)
Guilt and Distrust (Genesis 50)
When a Great Man Dies (Genesis 49:29-50:14)
Who Loves You Baby (Genesis 49:22-26)
Be Careful What You Wish For (Genesis 49:13)
The Lion of Judah (Genesis 49:8-12)
Brothers in Cruelty (Genesis 49:5-7)


2 Responses to “Audio”

  1. Stephen said

    Are we obliged to follow the ten commandments?

  2. Hi, Stephen,

    We are obliged to keep the moral law of God. Since the moral law is comprehended in the Ten Commandments, we are obliged to keep them, insofar as they are moral. There are elements of the Fourth Commandment that are ceremonial. These are no longer binding on us. On the obligations of new testament believers to the moral law of God I would highly recommend Samuel Bolton’s “The True Bounds of Christian Freedom.” (It has been republished in a modern edition by Banner of Truth Trust.) There are several other Puritan works on the abiding obligations of Christians to the moral law, but they are not readily accessible. I would be interested in what spurred your question. If you have more specific concerns, feel free to write.


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